How to Create

You can start by clicking the “Create Your Own Design” tab at the bottom of the page. Choose a product from our wide variety of items on our Create Your Own Design Page, then begin your creation.


1. Choose from one of our mug type you do like to design

Select one of the workable orientation as below.

    a. Handle to Right.
    b. Handle to Left.
    c. Wraparound.
    d. Handle to Right + Handle to Left. 

      2. Add your own text, pictures or images

      3. Add to cart when done. 


      1. Choose from one of our clothing products you do like to design
      2. Change shirt colour, add your own text, pictures or images
      3. Add to cart when done.

      Please select a front/back/front + back of the t-shirt print orientation. 

      We can print on the t-shirt blanks within the workable dimensions.

      In order to print high quality prints, we recommend setting the image:

      • scaled in actual print size at 300 dpi (at least 150dpi)
      • with transparent background
      • in RGB colour settings
      • saved in PNG format 


      You can upload raster photos (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP) or vector (SVG) design. Live photo editing features provide the option to choose number of design/print colors, instantly apply color effects colors or to remove white backgrounds, cropping and masking, resizing and adding special effects.